Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid

[ Chemical name]? Azelaic Acid
[CAS  NO.]:123-99-9

Azelaic acid diprotic acid with medium-long chain, with broad application. It is the intermediate of Nylon 69 ? the modifier of phthalic acid-ethylene glycol polyester. It is a good anti-freezing plasticizer for artificial leather, film, sheet, wire and cable. It also can be used in plastic and rubber auxiliaries. Its lubricant can be used in aero-turbine lubricant, instrument oil, compressor oil, automotive engine oil, metal process oil agent, lubricant base oil, plastic, chemical fiber and fine chemical industry. It can be used in electrolyte capacitance to elongate its life.[Application]:
1.It can be used in the brightening of skin
2.It can be used as anti-acne drug
3.It or its zinc salt can work with vitamin B6 for hair care products.

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